What does it mean to be a member?

Members of the League of Prayers strive to follow the example of Blessed Emperor Karl,

  • by seeking and following the Will of God in their daily life,
  • by working for peace and justice in all segments of life, from the family to the global community,
  • by begging forgiveness and vicariously offering expiation to God for all injustice throughout history, i.e., not leaving Christ alone on the Mount of Olives and at Golgotha, but rather together with Him carrying the burden of others through prayer, service to one's neighbor and sacrifice.

With this in mind, they commit themselves

  • to pray the League prayer(s) daily
  • to offer, at least once a month their Holy Mass intention in accordance to their station in life
  • to participate, whenever possible, in the annual peace pilgrimage, Masses, spiritual exercises, lectures and other events of the League of Prayers, and
  • to promote the Cause of Canonization of Blessed Emperor Karl.

The League of Prayers does not charge membership dues, but asks for generous freewill donations to help cover the costs of literature, prayer cards and the annual report, which is sent to members and represents the most important means of communication between members and the League of Prayers. The League of Prayers organizes an annual peace pilgrimage, and all interested members are invited to participate.

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