How did the League of Prayers come about?

Mother Vincentia Fauland was an Orsoline nun. She was a mystic and had the gift of the Stigmata. As a child, Archduke Karl resided in Sopron, Hungary and it was precisely there that Mother Fauland heard about this young archduke. She prophesied that one day Karl would become Emperor of Austria and that he would suffer a lot and be a target of hell! She asked for a prayer group to be formed in order to sustain him with the prayers and sacrifices of its members. The year was 1895! 


Mother Fauland`s prophesies came through some years later. Karl truly had to suffer during his two year reign. Eventually, he was exiled in Madeira where he died prematurely in 1922. The prayer group initiated by Mother Fauland developed in the Emperor Karl League of Prayers for Peace among Nations and currently is present in many countries. 


Emperor Karl I was beatified in 2004. Today, the League serves as the Actor of the Canonization Cause. At the moment, the League is in the process to present a presumed "miracle" through the intercession of Blessed Karl I to the competent Ecclesiastical authorities. We hope in the Lord that it will be approved and accepted. If the Holy Father Pope Francis declares that it was truly a miracle, it will be up to him to decide when to canonize Emperor Karl.